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Who needs risk management?


Chief Executive Officers of small to medium size companies have broad responsibilities including insurance and risk management. In many instances, there is a gap in expertise in this area. CEO's in this position place most of the work and responsibility on their brokers. This can potentially place the company's balance sheet at risk from uninsured losses or exposures retained unknowingly.

ICE offers a cost-effective solution for bringing this expertise into your management team. Whether it is help in achieving cost savings from your risk transfer through insurance or ensuring that the insurance in place adequately covers the exposures your company faces, ICE is there to provide experienced professional risk management advisory services. Contact us to see how you can have a Risk Manager for your company without having to increase Senior Management headcount.


Chief Financial Officers often find themselves assigned the responsibility of Risk and Insurance Management. While almost all are familiar with financial risk, operational risk is usually not something many have had to manage. Yet this operational risk poses a threat to all the financial statements that are a CFO's main focus.

ICE provides the CFO a trusted and experienced advisor for Risk and Insurance Management at a far lower cost than hiring a full time experienced risk manager. With over 15 years of practical risk management experience, 10 years of financial experience in a major corporation, and several clients where the main interface is the CFO, ICE can facilitate cost savings, coverage broadening, and risk transfer decisions that are able to be made after the presentation of data in a manner that the CFO is able to process quickly and easily. Contact us to discuss how we can help improve your bottom line today.

General Counsel

General Counsels are responsible for the legal documents of the company and thus are often assigned the responsibility of Risk and Insurance management, since insurance policies constitute contract documents. However, most GCs are not trained to be insurance counsel and are not familiar with the machinations of the process by which these critically important documents are procured and then managed. GCs also may not be familiar with the assessment of operational risk arising from the company's day-to-day activities, yet this risk poses a significant threat to the financial health of a company and often will lead to litigation that will also end up in the GC's area. Transfer of this risk is possible, however; it takes expertise to optimize the company's cost of risk.

ICE is the solution to obtain the expertise needed in managing the cost of risk in a most effective manner. We partner with you to assist in the contracting process, will help manage the insurance tender, perform policy reviews, and also analyze the operational risk exposure that is so critical in properly transferring a company's risk. Simply contact us today to see how we might best serve your needs.

Human Resources

HR professionals are often tasked with Insurance and Risk management responsibility as a tie-in to the benefits plans they are trained to manage. However, health insurance is but one element of the insurance needed by companies. Financial lines, Property and Casualty insurance are all important risk transfer tools for the company. Additionally, some risk cannot be transferred and must be retained. It is critical that all of management be aware of these risks so as not to have a surprise loss that harms the company's balance sheet. Many HR professionals simply do not have experience in this area.

ICE is here to provide the seasoned HR professional with an experienced and professional Risk Manager at a fraction of the cost of hiring one for their staff. ICE will work with the HR professional to manage the processes, improve safety and loss control, assist in claims management, and advise on the placement of insurance that will transfer risk away from the company is a cost effective manner. Simply contact us today to see how you can benefit from having ICE as part of your team.

Sole Proprietors

The Sole Proprietor is responsible for everything in his or her company. Many have spent their lives building their business, and sometimes it is a business started by earlier generations of their family. All this personal investment can be wiped out by one major uninsured loss. Insurance is an area the Sole Proprietor knows he needs, but his broker (often a friend) is taking care of it. The Sole Proprietor needs to focus on his business, not insurance. This unfortunately is a story that has been told too many times. Small businesses are at significant risk if they improperly manage their insurance placements. But if you cannot rely on your friend the broker, then what are you to do?

ICE is your solution. By providing expertise in this difficult area, ICE will assist the Sole Proprietor by reviewing the coverage placed by the broker, discussing the business' operations to make sure that all the risks are identified and those that can be economically transferred by insurance are, and making the complex simple so that the Sole Proprietor may concentrate on his business. Contact us today to see how ICE can save you money while protecting your life's work.

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