Insurance Consulting Experts
Insurance Consulting Experts

I can recommend Don McKaba without reservation to any business reviewing their insurance and risk management program. Don brings to bear years of practical experience and a wealth of insurance industry knowledge. Don reviewed the insurance and risk management program for our company and closed several coverage holes almost immediately, and without added expense. During our renewal process, Don's knowledge of the market and the process saved us well over six figures in premiums. As a construction company, his input has also added value to our various safety programs in the field.

Don's approach to customer service is almost unique among all of the vendors I work with, even those outside of the insurance area. He is always, without exception, responsive, and his work product routinely exceeds expectations. He is totally focused on results that benefit our company, and therefore has become a valued member of our risk management team.
-Nick Day
General Counsel
BCI Communications, Inc.

Insurance Consulting Experts has been a valuable tool to Ginsey over this past year and the Partner Don McKaba has been a key asset to Ginsey over the past 5+ years. Don's expertise has not only saved Ginsey money in premiums, but also makes it a relief to know that Ginsey is always well covered with what insurance coverage it needs to be a successful organization. Don is great at looking at all the possible scenarios that a company faces when it come to insurance protection and helps point out the necessary factors that need to be addressed and planned out in the proper time frame. Don is always available to answer the tough questions and supplying Ginsey with the information and options needed to make decisions. It is fortunate to have the services of ICE and especially Don McKaba on Ginsey's team
-George Valletti
Vice President / CFO
Ginsey Industries, Inc.

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